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Welcome to the Jigsy Wiki! Common Questions

Wondering what the website builder is or looking for help with a specific topic? This wiki caters to all users of the website builder regardless of previous website building experience and will cover all aspects of using this dynamic software as it grows.

Our goal is to provide an evolving, detailed resource for all website builder users to assist in getting the most out of it.

What is offered with a paid package?
How much storage and bandwidth is available for my site?
How can I register/manage a domain name?
How can I create/manage an e-mail address?
I own a domain elsewhere - how do I set it up with Jigsy?
Do you automatically submit websites to search engine listings?
Which payment types do you accept?
How can I get help?


Creating an Account Logging into your Account Viewing your Account Overview Upgrading your Hosting Package
Changing your e-mail Address Changing your Password Retrieving a Lost Password Creating a new Website
Deleting a Website Deleting an Account Accessing the Website Editor Using the Website Editor
Publishing your Website Creating a New Page Deleting a Page Toolbar
Organizing your Pages Viewing your Transaction History More...

Using The Website Builder

Creating your first website Creating a New Page Uploading Files Adding a Component
Choosing a New Theme Using the Website Editor Password Protection Managing Custom Error Pages
File Manager File Folders Page Settings Moving Components

Creating Website Builder Themes

Choosing a New Theme Theme Header Image Customizing a Theme Making your own Theme
Editing Theme Source Code Installing Your Theme Uploading/Downloading a Theme Required HTML Elements
Required File Structure Theme Tips and Tricks More...


Managing Posts Creating a New Blog Post Editing a Blog Post Deleting a Blog Post
Blog Categories Blog Settings Importing Blog Posts Managing Comments
Managing Comment Settings Deleting Comments More...


Text or Content Block Web Feed HTML/Javascript Page Counter
Image Gallery Navigation Reddit Social Sharing Buttons
Facebook Status Updates Twitter Timeline Twitter Followers eBay Listings
Paypal Youtube Video Google Maps Single Image
Blog Posts Blog Comments Blogroll More...

Tips and Tricks

AJAX and Custom Dialogs AJAXify your Website Navigation Hover Menus Chinese Language Support

Helpful Links

Jigsy Home Release History Frequently Asked Questions